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"Even better than The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide." - The Bookseller on Annie May's Black Book
"This brilliant and witty book by Debby Holt is sure to keep you entertained." - OK! Magazine on Recipe for Scandal
"A wickedly comical read" - Heat Magazine on The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide

The Dangers of Family Secrets -


As a professional genealogist, Freya Cameron knows better than most that past complications can cast long shadows. But when secrets within her own family begin to emerge she discovers that unresolved crimes have unresolved consequences.

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The Soulmate


I am very fond of Henry and Maddie and I hope you will be too. Henry’s wife died four years ago and as far as he is concerned he has been marking time ever since. As for Maddie, a year ago she broke up with the love of her life and finds it difficult to move on.

Then, in the same week, both Henry and Maddie have two very different but equally startling experiences and soon they are both taking steps to find new partners. But, as Henry’s mother tells him, ‘Love is not for the easily discouraged.'

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Friends, Lies and Alibis


Alison and Leah are determined to liberate their friend, Merrily, from an unhappy marriage. As the campaign unfolds, there are dramatic repercussions for all three women.

'...Debby Holt is brilliant at relationships and dialogue, especially at intricate friendships between women..her keen eye for the gaps between husbands and wives and between mothers and offspring is painfully acute and unerring.' - Kate Furnivall

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Recipe For Scandal


A public scandal has dramatic consequences for the family concerned. This novel was inspired by an excruciating photo in the paper of a philandering MP surrounded by his family. The memory of it still makes me cringe.

Praise for Recipe for Scandal

'...This brilliant and witty book by Debby Holt is sure to keep you entertained.' - OK

'...Fun, romantic and full of surprises, this is perfect winter reading.' - Closer

'...An enjoyable read with a splash of mystery.' - Woman

'...Will Alberta's family survive? You'll be dying to find out.' - Heat

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Love Affairs for Grown Ups


Neither Katrina nor Cornelius want to share a journey through France but despite an appalling first meeting they become increasingly attached to each other. Can they survive the obstacles thrown up by ex-husbands, ex-wives, selfish sisters and demanding teenagers?

'...the hilariously witty and wonderfully engaging fourth novel by the fabulous Debby Holt.' -

'...the hilarious and touching new romantic comedy from the bestselling author of The trouble with Marriage.' -

Debby won a CataNetwork Reviewers' Choice award for 2009 from for Love Affairs for Grown-Ups.

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The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide


I wanted to write this after a couple I knew split up. I was staggered by the man's ability to rewrite history in order to justify his decision to leave his wife. As time went on, I was hugely impressed by his wife's resilience and courage and eventual success in making something good come out of something bad. Such success deserves to be written about.

Praise for The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide

'As funny as it is wise…I absolutely loved this book.' - Katie Fforde

'A wickedly comical read' - Heat Magazine

'Feel-good comedy about moving on' - The Mail On Sunday

'A touching romantic comedy that finishes on such a wonderfully liberating note that you want to stand and cheer. Bravo! Encore!' - Australian Women’s Weekly Review

The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide was a Bookseller Heatseeker

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Annie May's Black Book


I heard Diana Athill talk on Desert Island Discs about the man who jilted her, thus changing her life forever. That set me thinking. What would a woman do if she met, years later, the man who left her at the altar? This novel deals with two perennial interests of mine: the idea that in most people's lives, there are moments which really ARE life-changing and the whole concept of forgiveness which I find quite difficult. (I confess I do have my very own little black book.)

Praise for Annie May’s Black Book

'Even better than The Ex-Wife’s Survival Guide.' - The Bookseller

'A brilliantly funny, witty and oh-so-wise tale!' - Star Magazine

'Laced with wise and witty humour…' - Woman Magazine

'From the author of The Ex-Wife’s Survival Guide, comes another wicked treat.' - The Daily Mirror

Annie May's Black Book was a Bookseller Heatseeker

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The Trouble With Marriage


Why is marriage so difficult? Do we expect too much? Is it possible to keep romance afloat in the face of small children and sleep deprivation, large children and furious arguments, endless housework, money problems, flatulence, irritating in-laws, work pressures, etc, etc, etc.etc and etc? Is marriage worth fighting for and if so why?

Praise for The Trouble With Marriage

'Another astute look at relationships' - The Bookseller

'Debby Holt's enjoyable third novel' - Heat Magazine

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