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For me, writing is a chance to explore a set of events and patterns of behaviour that I find intriguing or odd or morally ambiguous.

Why I write...


The stories I write all begin as questions. What is it like to be cast off by your husband after twenty years of marriage? How do you feel when the man who jilted you seventeen years ago comes back into your life? How do you cope when your family is engulfed in a public scandal? Is it ever right to try to break up the marriage of a friend? How do you know when you love someone?

The trouble with writing novels is that one spends vast swathes of time thinking about people who don't exist. If I'm honest, I spend more time thinking about my fictional characters than I do about my own children. I am aware, I promise, that this is a sad and shocking admission, particularly since my children provide me with so much inspirational material.

I come from a large family and I have a large family of my own so perhaps it's inevitable that I'm so fascinated by family dynamics. But then I find relationships between friends and lovers fascinating too and the way that so often small incidents, random conversations or silly misunderstandings can radically alter the course of a life.

My Life...

As the fourth of six children, I discovered at an early age the joys of losing myself in a brilliant book.

After graduating from the University of Exeter with a History degree, I taught in a boys' comprehensive for a few years. I gave up full-time teaching when my twin sons were born and I started writing when my fifth child began primary school.

I have had over 65 short stories published at home and abroad. In the last eleven years I have produced seven novels. The eighth, The Dangers of Family Secrets is published in June 2017. As a writer, I hugely enjoy meeting my readers and other writers and sharing my love of books.